Stuart Munro

Senior Account Executive


As a workplace transformation and technology specialist, Stuart is a trusted partner for clients navigating new ways of working and enabling technology.

At Calven, he specialises in helping organisations define their hybrid workplace, ensuring people feel supported and equipped to be successful. He has worked with leading Australian organisations in Financial Services, Legal, Media, Health, Government, Technology, Retail, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and Tertiary Education sectors.

He believes in a people-centric approach to technology with a strong emphasis on understanding the impact that new ways of working has on the culture of an organisation.

The New Normal: How Calven is Helping Organisations Adapt to the Hybrid Workplace

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work, and many companies are embracing hybrid work models. But this shift has created new challenges for organisations, like maintaining culture, optimising real estate and delivering great experiences. In this presentation, we’ll explore how Australian based Calven is helping organisations like Canva, nib and Officeworks empower their employees and streamline their workplace operation.