Cameron Puckey

Director of Specification & Education Markets


Cam Puckey has been with Crestron for over 14 years and worked with our customers across all sectors of the market. After completing his studies, Cam worked in the area of education technology during a 5 year tenure at Wesley College, Melbourne. Working with teaching staff and senior administrators at the college, he began the journey to design & deploy technology solutions for teaching spaces, performance spaces and assembly areas across the campus. It was during this time he was first exposed to the benefits and efficiencies a control system can bring to spaces where people collaborate, be it for teaching/learning, daily work life or in our homes.

Moving beyond this period of his career and taking up a role with Crestron, Cam now works with consultants, architects, educational facilities and corporates across the country to provide guidance and design assistance for technology solutions that enable our customers to realise the outcomes they desire.

Have Corporates Abandoned the CBD : A Commercial Property Perspective

Corporates face the challenge of drawing workers back to the office, while adopting a new hybrid way of working that encourages productivity and collaboration. On the business side, there is the need to balance the floor plate required to cater for workers on a daily basis, while not overspending. This session will discuss these challenges and what decision makers are seeking for their next office location, size and type.