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Stuart Craig – Crestron ANZ

Social Analysis of the drivers of the changing ways in which we Live and Work

Only occasionally in history do massive demographic changes combine with huge social shifts, generational transitions, and ongoing technological innovation, plus a global pandemic so that within the span of a few years society altogether alters. While such change impacts everyone and every organisation, those that will future proof their organisations understand the times, influence the trends, and shape the future. In this session, Social Analyst Mark McCrindle will navigate the megatrends transforming Australia to deliver a snapshot of 2030. He will discuss the key implications of these changes on clients, employees, and the broader community and how through collaboration, innovation, and adaptation, we can thrive in these times of change.

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Fireside Chat

Ilya Bukshteyn (VP, Microsoft Teams Calling and Devices) will talk to Andrew Higgs (Partner Technical Lead, Microsoft Asia & ANZ) about the latest innovations in the Microsoft Teams Rooms eco system, the impact of AI in meeting rooms and the rich history of the Crestron and Microsoft relationship.

Reimagining the Workplace – Designing Dynamic Environments for the Employee Experience

We have experienced an extraordinary amount of change over the past few years and everything we believed about “work” has been challenged. Whilst we’ve proven that we don’t need to “go” to work “to work”, what we have realised is what the workplace really means to us.

The pandemic has presented us with the most magical silver lining. It has awoken us to look at the world differently, and what we are looking at, is the beginnings of the great reimagining of our workplaces. Connecting to the hearts, bodies, and minds of our people our workplaces become dynamic environments that become a magnet for people, integral to the social fabric of our organisations.

Seeking Engagement: Human experience design and workplace transformation at SEEK

Seek is not only a household name for the job seeker or employer it is also an Australian grown success story that has seen a small startup grow to a global leader in a relatively short time. Key to the success of Seek are the “Seekers”: the proud employees who live and breathe the organisation. Regina Helly is a passionate advocate of human experience centred design, and she chats with Max Davies about how Seek approaches workplace transformation and technology innovation.

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High Performers: Driving Wellbeing and Outperformance

Give your team lifelong tools to adopt into their daily routine to reduce stress and burnout. Chelsea Pottenger is a psychology postgraduate, an international motivational speaker and accredited mindfulness and meditation coach. Chelsea has worked with many of the world’s leading brands. She will give your team lifelong tools to adopt into their daily routine to reduce stress and burnout. Helping them tap into positive energy and build resilience.

Australia’s most desirable workplace: Fuelling a workplace of wellness at Chevron Perth

Chevron’s new office in Perth, has been named as the best workplace in Australia. This session will explore the technology and workplace experiences that contribute to this title and the journey from conception to hand-over.

AI: The Impact on Meeting Culture

The amount of time people spend in meetings has increased 3x since 2020, according to a Microsoft Work Trend Index report (one of the premier global research surveys on work).

The data also shows that inefficient meetings are the number one productivity disrupter and typically, people will attend a 60-minute meeting for 2 minutes of insight with at least a quarter of participants never coming off mute. The problem isn’t meetings themselves, after all they’re how we often collaborate. The issue is meeting overload and how many of us are struggling to keep up, which impacts overall organisational productivity.

Generative AI (Gen AI) is changing this and helping us rethink the nature of meetings. Hear from Lucy Debono and Jason Flynn on Copilot for Microsoft 365 – the Generative AI tool that sits across Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams – and how it is impacting meeting culture and driving productivity gains.

Designing and maintaining collaboration standards for the modern workplace

Join Max Davies for an informative and insightful discussion with one of the large Australian Big Four Banks to discuss a technology partnership that has endured for over 10 years. You will hear about how one of the largest meeting room fleets in the country are managed and maintained as well as how a large organisation manages the ongoing development of standards. As a special treat we open the door for an exclusive look at one of the most prestigious boardrooms in the country and see how 1Beyond technology has provided true meeting equity.

Crestron Products & Innovation

In this session, Jess Warnock will cover the latest products releases and future innovations from Crestron.

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Andrew Higgs

Regional Solutions Specialist Lead – Teams Rooms Asia: Australia, Asia-Pacific,...

David Nemeth

David Nemeth

Video Conferencing Service Manager, InBuilding Technology - Large ”Big Four”...

Hadeer Al Suhairy

Hadeer Al-Suhairy

Head of InBuilding Technology, Workplace Services & Contact Centres, Infrastructure,...

Jason Flynn

Jason Flynn

Principal – Modern Work & Security Global Black Belt, Microsoft


Lucy Debono

Director of the Modern Work Business Group for Microsoft ANZ


Regina Helly

Workplace Technology Experience & Adoption Lead – SEEK


Scott Timms

Enterprise Real Time Collaboration Design Engineer


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Modern Work Summit?

The Crestron ANZ Modern Work Summit is a one-day, in-person event exploring AI and EQ in the workplace and what these trends mean for your business.

How do I get to the venue?

Crown Sydney is centrally located along the Barangaroo waterfront. Although parking is limited at Crown Sydney, it is easily accessible by public transportation. Additional information can be found HERE.

Public Transport

Train – The closest train station is the Wynyard stop, a 9 minute walk to Crown Sydney
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What can I expect?

Sessions at the summit will examine AI and EQ in the workplace and what these trends mean for your business.

  • We will look at the megatrends transforming Australia and how we can thrive in times of change.
  • Learn how to guide your team to perform at their best and how to invest in your mental and physical wellbeing.
  • We will discuss what the workplace means to us, and the great reimagining of our workplaces.
  • Learn about the latest innovations in the Microsoft Teams Room ecosystem and the impact of AI for meeting culture and productivity.
  • Hear from leading Enterprise organisations about their recent technology rollouts.
  • Explore the latest Crestron Innovations
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